How to renew my SSL certificate?

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Hi, I got this message:

Your free SSL certificatefrom Let’s Encrypt will expire in 7 days!

If your SSL certificate is not renewed before its expiration date, websites using the SSL certificate may start to show SSL errors!

To renew your certificate, simply request a new free SSL certificate from the InfinityFree client area and install it to your hosting accoun

How can i renew my SSL cerificate?

Have you tried doing that, and if so, did you get an error?


You can renew your ssl certificate directly from Login to your account - InfinityFree where you can select your expired domain and request for renew and you can also import automatically by clicking button on install automatically

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my ssl got expired now, but expired date is on march. how can fix this?

Issue a new one through the client area. Alternatively this may be a browser issue, check on an SSL checker tool if it has actually expired and try clearing your cache.

If your old certificate has expired, but you already have obtained and install a new certificate that will expire in March, then everything is good and you don’t need to do anything else. Your new certificate will keep working until it expires in March, so you’ll want to renew the certificate some time before that happens.


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