How to remove the extra /?i=1


I noticed whenever I go to my website an extra parameter /?i=1 is added after the

What is it and how can I remove it?

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Please use the search function first next time, many questions have been answered already. For example:

I read that post but there was no answer in how to remove that /?i=1
This is just how’s my client wants: to have a clean URL after he accesses the website.

Is there any way to remove that parameter?


Is there any way to remove that parameter?

Like all the other topics said: no, there is no way to remove that parameter (without upgrading).

why remove it?

yes its a extra parameter on the url but its like the admins stated. its a bot to protect your site. now is it 100%? no, but its better then nothing. some free hosting sites has them, just some shows it while some dont.