How to remove private key?

Hello I have the site “” and I wanted to know how to remove the private key from ssl and all subdomains.

Go to the SSL/TLS section of the control panel, and click the “delete key” button on the right. It is red.

Only the option to delete a certificate appears.

Just highlight and delete. I can’t remember if there is a save button at the bottom, but if there is not, delete the text, click the “vista panel” text, than refresh the page. It should be gone.

not work.

There is no way to remove private key without removing SSL certificate for your website.
Is there any specific reason for removing private key?


Take advantage of SSL for cloudflare.

Just add SSL on Cloudflare, there is no need to remove your SSL certificate from InfinityFree.

But not work for subdomains

It shd, with this config below


“Atenção: Se algum dos seus subdomínios não suportar HTTPS, ele se tornará inacessível.”

I have:

I don’t use ssl of infinityfree, I’m trying to use the cloudflare ssl in subdomains but I don’t even know if it’s possible.

EDIT: This may actually be possible, please see Admins response.

EDIT2: It’s possible, read Admins response below.

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Cloudflare can do SSL for subdomains of your own domain. Just make sure the DNS records are setup in Cloudflare and the orange cloud is enabled for them.

Removing SSL certificates and private keys is rarely the solution to any problem. No SSL issue ever was fixed by removing a certificate.


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