How to remove ?i=1

hello, i installed ssl and its working fine but when i go to my website first it shows unsecured website then it shows secured website with https and ?i=1 at the end of the site link.

any solution please thanks. i want my site to show https all the time.

site link: cloudmodapk .com

that checks to see if a browser is connecting to your website.

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ok… so how do i remove it?

by using cloudflare

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i use it, but i installed lets encrypt ssl. i set cloudflare to full mode ssl but still same issue.

i just visited the site, but the issue didnt occur for me.

it happens quick, watch carefully

i had my eyes on the website bar the whole time, it didn’t show

no ?i=1 it happens for me in google chrome and firefox. ssl not showing up for a mili seconds but then it does.

it shouldn’t be doing that after you added your site to cloudflare

maybe its because of lets encrypt ssl ? should i remove lets encrypt ssl?

its not the ssl. it legit does not occur on my end.

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im gonna remove lets encrypt and will use cloudflare only, im not having this issue with my other site wich i didnt use lets encrypt but only cloudflare

just clr browser cache will do


The ?i=1 at the end of a URL is a Security System that ensures the request is from a browser rather than something else. Like @anon95130038 said, you can use Cloudflare to remove this from the URL.

Your site workes completely fine from my end; You say your site loads in HTTP for a milisecond, this is normal. You cannot make your site instantly redirect to HTTPS. What your seeing is the .htaccess rewriting the URL so that it loads over HTTPS.


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