How to remove domain from suspended account

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I’ve gotten another hosting since my account got permanently suspended here. I’ve changed my DNS on namecheap (where I got my domain) but my url still says suspended account and redirect to ifastnet. How can I unlink all these

Note that DNS changed can take up to 72 hours to take effect. If you changed your nameservers, you will have to be patient. (It looks like your domain is now pointed away from InfinityFree, try clearing your cache)

You cannot remove domains from suspended accounts, but you can ask iFastNet to reslese it for you using the ticket in the client area.

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Oh okay, 72 hours. Thanks! :slight_smile:
Will it be a problem is I don’t remove the domain from suspended account, I bought that domain on namecheap.

I clear my cache on my browser but it still redirects to ifastnet. So I guess I have to wait the 72 hours then.

Yes and no. If you are moving to to a host that is NOT using the MOFH client, you will be fine. If your new host IS part of the MOFH client, you will get a “This domain is already in use” error.


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