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I have installed the ZeroSSL SSL certificate and waited for 3-4 hr but 4 of my website pages are not working, then I try to install GoGetSSL SSL certificate but it totally shut my website I was not able to visit my website with this http or https, I have deleted all the certificate but it seems nothing is working my both certificate status is issued not moving to revoke!

Hi and welcome to the forum,
certificates should have nothing to do with 403
and I see that all the certs you requested are correct

I have the impression that something is wrong with your .htaccess
but wait for the admin and he will answer you.


I have only used the htdocs folder, I do accidently opened the .htaccess file several times but never edited it.

As you can see in the Domains page in the client area, your domain name is linked to the directory, not htdocs. And the former directory doesn’t exist, hence the error.

Please recreate the website directory of your website and move your website files to it.

Also, both ZeroSSL and GoGetSSL don’t support certificate revocation, but you can remove the certificate from your domain name from the SSL/TLS certificate page in the control panel. Deleting a certificate won’t fix any issue ever though, including SSL issues.


the website is now working almost fine but there is a issue I can open my website home page with index.html but after navigate to other page and jump back to index.html I have encounter with “404 Not Found”, I have even tested my code on github and everything is working good there!

It’s not

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