How to reduce the amount of PHP socket connections

Website URL** has been reactivated! today

(please specify the URL of the site on which you are experiencing the problem)

website was closed due to reaching the PHP socket connection limit.

(please share the FULL error message you see, if applicable)

Please let me know how to reduce the amount of PHP socket connections on my applications makes to ensure it is not suspended again for the same reason

(other information and details relevant to your question)

yesterday I was geting truble to upload images then I go to file manager I do some folder permissions and and some changes in wp.config.php after that site was runing good but image uploding was restected but other all was ok in morning I reached to account suspensions. please help me to control PHP socket connections. Thanks. I am new to website developing.

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Hey there, Yesterday, the system had an error with the PHP, but I am not so sure about the PHP socket limit. As of my knowledge, you can’t use socket connections on free accounts.

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From the response to another topic:

You should be able to ask support what was the cause of hitting the socket connection limit, and get more explanation.

If the changes were related to the temporary folder missing outage, the issue is now fixed, so I would recommend undoing these changes:

Socket connections can be opened; it is server sockets that are not supported:

If nothing has changed, it should be 10k/month, from what a user who had gotten suspended had shared:

It is an extremely rare suspension so no article exists for it at the moment :slight_smile:


Personally I dont want any socket connections but If system wants so i need it but all in legale way and limites. thanks for reply anyway…

I just want to understand if it was becouse I made allow some addvertising codes on my SITE …?. I intencially did not do any thing besides post some adds yesterday.

You’ll have to ask support (if you still can) - we cannot know for sure.

Can you share a list of the plugins you use, if any?


Ok Boos thank to replying I just removed all external codes and affried if I run my site and socket connections are oper again. …

### Website URL

I have infinityfree account three site address active all suspend due to limite reach.
I am working on one web site and I have only 50 post about 500 visiter per day and not downloading movies and nothing havey sttaf.

After reactivation I got this in mail:

#####Your website was closed due to reaching the PHP socket connection limit.

Please reduce the amount of PHP socket connections your applications makes to ensure it is not suspended again for the same reason

I last tow days I had three times suspenssion and reactivation … please some one help me to reduce and controle socekt connection in limit.

Here some leader told me that ask to support sec.

Hey there, can you please specify the issue you are having?

The Issue I have is to face suspention of my Hosting account three time in last tow days they say to reduce socket connection in limit I have only 50 post 500 visitores and no up down loading but I reached limits I cant understand how and why …

Not the support here. He meant iFastnet support, where you submitted the ticket…


We don’t record what kind of socket connections you create and where they go (as far as I know). So we can’t just give you a log that gives a clear picture of what could be causing the high socket usage, if that’s what you were hoping to get.

Socket usage measures socket usage. It doesn’t measure traffic, and it definitely doesn’t measure something abstract such as “posts”.

Also, I just took a look at the last ticket, and I see you were told this:

We can no longer continue hosting this account on free hosting, please let us know if a backup is required.

So it seems you’ve had your chance to fix this issue, but weren’t able to take it. So even if we do manage to find out what’s causing the high socket usage, you won’t be able to do anything about it.


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