How to recover my articles?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

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so my domain is expired for a while now, I host it using infinity free. How do I recover my articles or content that I wrote there ? It must be on the folder somewhere right ? thank you.

Write clearly.

If you have backup, restore from your backup


so the content of my site is gone for good ?

Is the hosting account still available?
If not, it is likely gone forever…


If you use WordPress, they should be in your database if your hosting account is still active.

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Like @KangJL said, check the status of the actual hosting account. The domain is just used to access the server, nothing is stored on it.

If the hosting account is still active, or can be reactivated, you can access PHPMyAdmin and FTP to get your files.

If the hosting account is deleted or suspended, you won’t be able to access your data.


yes my epizy account is still active.

where can i find my articles doc on file manager ?

PHPMYAdmin said theres no database on my account, im confuse.

Ive only found my images content but cant seem to find my written articles.


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