How to rank on Google with free .ml domain?

Hi Everyone,
I am a student developer and I have a freenom domain.
So, I am facing a problem, my website is indexed and also appearing when I am searching with “” included, but when I am searching the title of the page, I am not getting my website listed.

I know I know, you will say I can’t rank for competitive keywords like, Best free hosting or Infinityfree vs Paid Hosting. I have also learnt some seo and know the basics. I want to rank on my own keywords, like my name and my projects.

So according to Neil Patel and Backlinko, I have a .ml domain and it’s free that’s why google doesn’t consider it trustworthy and it takes around 90 days for google to check if website is trustworthy or not.

So, it’s almost a year and I am still not ranking.
I have the solutions, just wanted to ask a professional’s opinion.

  1. Make projects and documentation, don’t care about Google.

  2. “Do hardwork, don’t run for success, one day success will follow you”

  3. Take some seo specialist advice.

  4. Do some more research.

I have these 4 solutions, can anyone help me out.

I know I need some backlinks, I can get a backlink from here by adding my site, but I will not do that.

BTW, I forgot to include, I also have backlinks from Wikipedia and Crunchbase, then also I am not able to rank.

Thanks in advance for help.


Most of us (Probably all of us) are not SEO experts at all, but I can probably help a bit.

If you want to rank high, get an actual gTLD. No one knows for certain if .ml and similar TLSs are punished, but from my own experience, I think they are. .com costs less than 10 per year, and is quite affordable.

The first point is wrong. You need to do both at the same time, otherwise you will end up creating stuff that does not work right, or is not optimized.

The second point is true. Constantly chasing success is just going to tire out out, both literally and figuratively.

Actually, adding a link here will not count as a back-link since it would have rel="nofollow" added to it. Please do add your link here, it may give others ideas as to how to help you out!

Unfortunately, those are not going to help you. Wikipedia now adds a rel="nofollow" to all links to help prevent spam, so it will no longer count as a backlink. I think I heard something similar about Crunchbase as well.

Have your confirmed that Google has indexed your website? If so, has it indexed all the pages you want it to?



I don’t want to rank high on competitive keywords, for ex- Best Laptop in India. I have my own keywords, ex- M SHORTS Mayank Vikash.

I meant to say, I will just keep making projects and publishing on my website, if Google wants to index it then it will index it. Let me explain, if you post something then you go to the search console to request indexing from google. I will just submit the sitemap and never go to search console, if Google finds my content useful, it will index it.

Wait, that’s not how nofollow works. When google will crawl a website and founds a nofollow link it will just keep the record of that link and then it will just not follow that link.
So that nofollow link is also counted as a backlink.

I thought adding my website links in forum may violate the rules, but if the moderator himself telling me to get this free backlink then how can I deny it :joy: so this is my website Thanks for this free backlink. I know it has nofollow but it is still a backlink and my domain authority will increase. :joy:

I prefer WhiteHat Seo, that’s why I don’t add my website on forums to get backlinks and, I never support spam links. I only take backlinks when the platform allows me, Wikipedia allows me to add a website to the user page, so I got my backlink from there. The same goes with YouTube, it allows to add website in description to I have also taken backlinks from there.

Yes, I have confirmed.

Yesterday, I asked a friend, he said to request website removal from Google. After Google will remove everything, it will crawl again and index the website with a fresh start, and maybe Google will start giving my website some respect, I mean it will increase the Domain Authority.

Sorry, I didn’t tell you what my website is about? So I make a number of projects, and when you search for their solutions, most of them have no solution on google. So I decided to make solutions myself.

Recently, I have made my own short-video sharing platform inspired by youtube shorts, M SHORTS. It has some bugs but I will fix them.

I have lots of projects and documents to post on my website, maybe if I post some 50 pages, Google will start ranking it.

Website Details:
Hosted on: Blogger
CDN: Cloudflare
Page speed: Good for PC, but takes some 3 seconds for mobile devices (It is common, most of the blogs take time to load in mobile)
SEO: Very Good, I use a number of SEO tools and my website gets around 90/100
Posts: Currently less, but will start adding once my exams will get over, by the way, I have 100s of ideas to post on my website.

In short, you can say, it is a developer’s website.

As I told above, I know how to fix this, just need someone’s advice. What do you say, should I wait till I write some 20-30 quality content posts, or should I try asking someone in the google forum?

I remember having one site on a free subdomain, and an exact copy of that site on a .tk domain. When searching the exact name of my site, the free subdomain ranked among the first few results, the .tk domain couldn’t be found until page 7.

That way a long time ago, and I don’t know if Google still does this, and I don’t know if they do this to .ml domains too. But if they kept the policy and extended it to other Freenom extensions, then you’ll get garbage ranking on your .ml domain for everything. Including a name which nobody else uses.

So I second what @Greenreader9 said: get your own domain. At best, it will massively boost your search engine ranking. At worst, it will make your site look a bit more professional. It’s the best investment you can make for SEO if you ask me.

That’s a great idea! That will really help you rank highly in AltaVista and other search engines using methods from the 90s.

But we’re 25 later now, and the raw number of backlinks is meaningless. What you want are high quality backlinks from high quality sites. And assigning rel='nofollow' to a link, sets that value to zero.

Similarly, profile pages from unknown users and channels on big websites also have no authority.

I don’t know your friend and how much of an SEO expert he is. But I don’t think a new and unknown site gets any authority whatsoever.

Do you think that Google will just give you a step by step guide to get high Google rankings?

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If you remove the domain and add it back again, you will loose any Domain Authority you already have, and will have to start from scratch. You also may be punished for trying to trick Google.

While you can get links from Wikipedia and other sites like this one, they do not count. While Google does see the link, you don’t get any credit due to the nofollow. Whenever a nofollow attribute is added to a link, the location the link points to gets no credit at all, similar to what Admin said.


However, they only count dofollow links in their algorithm. In fact, according to Google, nofollow links don’t pass any PageRank.


Thanks, I have decided to purchase a .in domain which costs around $6 a year.
Well, till I buy a domain I have another idea, so I will host my projects on infinityfree and I will host my documentations about those projects, how it was made and all that stuff on Blogger subdomain.

I didn’t mean to say that, I am against all the spam. I have never spammed by website link in any forum or any other website’s comment section.

I was a fool, I just removed my website from Google, I have changed everything from cloudflare and pointed the website to infinityfree, as I told above I will host my projects here and the news, documents or whatever you say that on blogger subdomain.

Well you are right. Thanks for guiding me.

I am able to rank on Google, if anyone reading this have the same problem then do these thing, maybe you will also be to rank with freenom domain:

  1. Don’t use wordpress or any other cms.

  2. Learn SEO, if possible ask a seo specialist to look after your website.

  3. Use Pagespeed Insight tool, by google and try to get 90 out 100 scores.

  4. Use internal Javascript and CSS scripts.

  5. Use a CDN like Cloudflare.

  6. Try to put atleast 800 words in your page, with proper meaning so that Google bots can start trusting you.

I did these things and my website started ranking.

If you are a wordpress user then you may face some problems with writing HTML codes. I am a student developer so, I have a habit of writing codes rather than using cms. Wordpress is strictly prohibited in my school.

Thanks to @Admin and @Greenreader9 for all the help.


Using a CMS does not really matter. Over 80% of the world top ranking websites use WordPress, you just have to know how to correctly configure it.

Right that’s what I meant. Don’t use heavy templates. I would suggest creating your own.

By the way, most of the website have their of cms. Like Forbes, BBC, Google Developers, Facebook Developers, etc.

I also have my own blog template made in reactjs.

But still, not all are coders. And WordPress is a great start for beginners.

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Templates can be used just fine. As long as its SEO friendly, it will work just fine.

I am not the one telling this. Google wants to give the best experience to the users.

Wordpress themes takes time to load + You have a freenom domain.

So, I don’t think Google will have any respect for your website.

I tried numbers of things, and I wrote the code my self and very very seo friendly, and in the last I started getting in the search results.

I agree not all are coders, but if you are owning a website, you should not always depends on WordPress.

It’s very important to either find a light seo theme for WordPress or make on your own.

This is all anyone can do to make your website a little bit reputable in front of Google.

100% true.

I am thinking of doing a research on Google algorithm with freenom domain with my friends so that I can learn more, how Google treats freenom domain.

Thanks again for correcting me.


WordPress can be optimised too using plugins and load faster that custom coded sites many on average. Well if it is on free hosting the load times are painful even for coded ones.

Yes, I completely agree.

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You should use a SSL on WordPress, download the “Really Simple SSL” plugin and select “InfinityFree” on the list. Or use CloudFlare for SSL and DDoS protection on your FreeNom domain name.

I already know that. But it’s too basic
So, I didn’t included it.

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