How to prevent attacks?

I am using free hosting. I can’t even install an SSL certificate on my website. Recently my website was hacked. How to prevent such attacks?

You could use Cloudflare to protect your website from attacks, but that functionality is only available on custom domains and not subdomains.


I am using WordPress. Is there any plugin that can prevent attacks?

Tip: Password is a lock but it’s easy to find its key.

  1. Change your password to something hard-to-guess because someone knows it that they hacked your site.

  2. Scan your PC with antivirus because that’s possible a virus has stolen your sensitive data


Is there any other way beside password?

There is no magic sauce you can just slap on a website to make it unhackable. Computer security is a complex process, not a free addon you can just install.

A few general recommends to make your website less likely to be hacked:

  • Use strong and unique passwords for your email address, client area profile, hosting account and WordPress admin.
  • Don’t share these passwords with anyone. Not with friends and family, and not with us.
  • Make sure you’re using up to date software, plugins and themes. Outdated software is more likely to contain unfixed security issues.
  • Only use software from trusted sources. That fancy $50 plugin from CodeCanyon may be available for free somewhere else, but it may also be injected with malware. So don’t download themes and plugins from sketchy websites.
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Thank you for these helpful infos.

I found a plugin called Wordfence for WordPress security. Will it work with InfinityFree free hosting?

Some features will help, some will work without notable benefit and others won’t work. Some of WordFence’s more advanced features won’t work because they require deeper interactions with the server than we can allow.

Also, note that security plugins like WordFence can have some benefit, but are pointless if the basics which I listed above are not taken care of.

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I have taken care of things listed above. Can you tell me which features of WordFence will do better than InfinityFree? And do I need to configure the options on the image?

I don’t know WordFence that well. It’s been years since I last used it. I can’t tell you which settings are available, what they do in detail or which of them work best for yourself.

You can read through the settings pages yourself and see what’s available there. Assume the defaults are fine, and WordFence will tell you if they have any recommendations.

And if they tell you to edit actual server settings, then you can’t use that option, because you can’t edit server settings on shared hosting.

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Thank you.

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