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So I am still getting this error to the point that I cannot work on my site anymore. A solution that was provided was to make a new account and move my site there, as seen in this post:

However how can I do so but keeping my website URL ( which is linked to my initial account?

Additionally, someone already said to me that I can:

You can do this by removing it from the subdomains in the original account and adding it as a subdomain in the new account.

But It does not appear in my subdomains.

And It appears in my addon domains

I made a new account and deleted the addon domain and now I cannot add it back to that account.
I am lost please help.

Subdomains work a bit weirdly.

If the subdomain is in the Addon Domains list, you need to remove it from there. The key point is that you need to remove the domain from the account, which section you find it in doesn’t matter. Just delete the domain.

The subdomain you add to the account when creating the account is adding to the Addon Domains list. But if you want to add more subdomains later on, you can do that through the Subdomains section.

So to add the subdomain to a different account, you can add it through the Subdomains section on an existing account, or just create a new hosting account with it.

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Hi I have tried removing my addon domain on (before I tried that with my main account) and now it says it is suspended.

for more explanation:
what I did is remove from my addon domains and then added it to my subdomains on the same account and it didn’t work now I cannot access

So it is my understanding that once you remove the URL from that account then that is it you cannot reconnect that account with another domain because adding it through subdomains does not work.

Please note that free subdomains from InfinityFree can not be moved elsewhere.

If the panel accepts the new subdomain being added, then it’s all setup.

However, the different hosting account is most likely on a different IP address, which means the DNS settings of the subdomains need to be changed. You don’t need to do anything for that, it all happens automatically, but it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to be visible everywhere. This is because of DNS caching, which is sadly out of our control.

So seeing the page after moving the domain is normal. Just have patience and the issue will resolve itself.

Okay thank you very much for your help.

So this is what I did:

  1. Download htdocs via FTP (FileZila).
  2. Download my database from the control panel - phpmyadmin.
  3. Delete domain name from Addon Domains.
  4. Create a new account with the domain name.
  5. Upload htdocs via FTP (FileZila).
  6. Create new Database.
  7. Upload my database from the control panel - phpmyadmin.
  8. Change info in htdocs to reflect new database info.
  9. Updated Cname Records and SSL key info

Now it is throwing a 404. website:
I think that now I just need to wait in order to access it, but please let me know if I missed something because it might be that.

I just realized I jumped the gun a bit. The domain is not assigned to any hosting account right now. So if you want to use it, you’ll need to add it to one first.

Hi sorry should have specified in my post the URL in question is I just used it for testing. Now I deleted the account for that address

Right. is working fine for me here and is showing your website. So if you just have patience, you’ll see your website soon as well.

Yep It works! Thanks for all the help.

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