How to move domain along with its subdomain to another account?

As infinityfree providing free account, that’s very great service.

In my one account i have 2 domain added and one one subdomain on second domain. As i am using 3 WordPress sites in single account, the inodes limit hit 100% as well as daily hit limit also getting cross its limit, so all 3 site became suspended twice till now.

So, i decided to create new account as it provide us free by infinityfree. And want to move one of the domain as well as its subdomain in new created account.

But, its consist several issues of database transfer, files transfer and may other setting too. So doing manually seems very hard and also have risk to became running site damage.

So, is there any one click procedure system available to move domain from one to another account same user?

Or, can anyone help me with proper steps of domain transfer without loosing site content and google indexing?


Should be similar to this


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