How to mark an answer?

I have followed the instructions in this thread, yet I cannot find any button to mark a specific answer as the solution to any topic that I have created? What am I doing wrong? Please help :frowning:

So in this example, I have highlighted the post I wish to mark as the solution, but after clicking the three dots, I do not see a button to mark the solution :frowning:

Okay I found it, after going into my profile and choosing topics to show the ones I created, I clicked one and sure enough, the SOLUTION tick box appeared where it wasn’t before. Maybe the browser forgot I was logged in or something, or maybe I needed to go into the topic without clicking one of the reply messages that I usually navigate back to a post with.

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The “Mark as Solution” feature is enabled on a category by category basis. The topic in your screenshot is in the Informal category, which doesn’t have this feature enabled. Only Hosting Support has this enabled (because that’s the category where all questions about the hosting should be).

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Thanks, I figured that out after trial and error in trying to work out which threads had the button and which didn’t, it dawned upon my that some where not in the support forum :smiley:

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