How to make the website load faster?

I am using a free domain provided by infinityfree, but the result is the webpage I build is really slow, takes almost 2 mins to show the whole image with animation.
The webpage files include js, playload, html, css, many images etc.
I don’t have a single knowledge about building website. I just followed the YouTube to build this website, so could anybody tell me what can I do to improve the speed please? If I pay for the premium plan, would the problem be solved?

Do you use WordPress? Can you share the site URL?

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It’s not word press(also, how to use wordpress with infinityfree? I am an IT idiot.)
These are part of the files:

can’t send you the url here because it includes some of my unpublished artwork.

Without your URL, I cannot tell you the best way to speed it up, or what is slowing it down. You can PM me the URL (Click my profile icon), but if you don’t want to do that, the only thing I can say is check the network tab of dev tools, or follow the basic tips (Tip 1,3,5, and 7):

Paying for premium may speed it up a little, but not a lot. Again, it depends on what is actually slowing it down.

  1. optimize all your images
  2. lazy load your images.
  3. load js after html renders. ie defer attribute to js assets
  4. use only web fonts

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