How to make my website secure

i have a website and it says not secure how do i make it secure

You will need a ssl certificate to make your site secured
You can go to
how to add the cname record to install ssl

and get generate a ssl or you can use cloudflare

fun fact
i copy this from another post about this question
you can see it here.


You need SSL to make it secure.
Use the InfinityFree SSL tool to generate SSL cert.
More info below…


1.) Go to
2.) Add your domain
3.) Then click request SSl certificate
4.) Please set up the CNAME records through control panel.
5.) Enter record name and destination.
6.) Then refresh the SSL certiificate page.
7.) Then wait for an hour to get your certificate verified.
8.) Then type https:// in the url with your domain.

If it dosen’t work please reply


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