How to Login Wordpress using a Username and Password?

I want to login wordpress on my wordpress app using a username and password. So, where can I get that username and password ? On my browser, I login it through the “wp-admin” link. But how can I login it on the wordpress app?

is the Wordpress site on your host or do you mean logging in to

I installed wordpress on infinityfree host’s CPanel.

you need to login to your WP by

to get your username you can see it directly from databases:

click on phpmyadmin on your cpanel. then click on connect now:

now click on wp_users table, now you’ll see your username. password is by default pass

I found them but they’re not working. Wordpress says "The Password you entered with the email was incorrect "

gonna go by this?

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Try logging in with your username instead.

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Is this a new WordPress installation? If so, you could also remove this installation and reinstall WordPress. And this time, double and triple check the admin credentials you choose when installing the application, because it’s your responsibility to configure and keep the credentials to your website.


It is solved.
Thanks, BayoDino

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