How to login this

I am not able to understand what to do I am trying from 2 days but it is not logging in
It is just showing that the ftp authentication failed!. I have wrote all the credentials correct and even I have changed my password thrice and checked those three passwords but it is still not work working

There seems to be ftp issue from a few days here, however you can:
Click file manager
It may not ask you to login, this can be a temporary solution.

no it is showing to enter password and other credentials there also

It is showing that

can’t connect to the server
What should I do

Go here again.
And click the orange button:
What do you see?

@ShazamBolt8, that button just takes you to the exact same spot.

@MIR_INAM, please try using a desktop FTP client such as FileZilla.


I was in a similar situation where it would ask me to fill up credentials to continue, I clicked file manager from home, and the file manager opened, problem solved for me.

My website got from Freenom on this ftp is also not loading it is showing error connect failed try checking the internet

You are using the wrong nameservers. Of course it will not work


Remove the last 3 entries should do


I finally deleted my domain and thus problem solved :joy::joy:

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