How to login ftp

please anyone help me in getting that i have a problem with my monsta file manager and i am filling all the blanks but i am not knowing what to fill in the “host” blank kindly answer

For the host, you can put You can find your details in the client area.


@YT_Xaos I have checked it but it is showing ftp authentication failed

Are you sure you correctly copied your credentials?


Could it be that you’re suspended? Check the client area.

Try exiting your translator, it could be messing up the login.

If you have access to a computer, I suggest that you try with FileZilla to see if it does the same thing. The online file manager is very buggy, and sometimes this is one of the things that happens.


@wackyblackie N o i am using mobile phone

Yes, I can see that, but do you or will you have access to a computer, even if it is a public computer (like a library computer)?


Can you tell me what to write in “intial directory”
I have got all files in path htdocs/storage/emulated/0/MR/index.html etc

Just put /htdocs. Also, please do not keep needlessly pinging people. We will help you when we have the time, because after all this is a community forum, we are not paid support desk employees.


Please, if you’re going to respond to us, click the reply button instead of pinging us.


Go to your accounts then select your website you wish to log into

then click File Manager

If you clicked the file manager link in the client area or control panel, you should be logged in automatically. If that doesn’t happen, it usually means there is something wrong with the FTP account, like FTP access being disabled or the password being out of sync.

Please try the steps from this article. It often fixes issues like this:


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