How to link my domain?


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This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)

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I am trying to connect my domain ( to my infinityfree account. How would i do this? Its giving me the error above when i try to do it. Ive set the nameservers to ns1,

Help please?


First you have to set your name servers to

Then, in your VPanel, you have to add an “Add-on domain”.

Yeah nameservers are set to that (in my domain control panel)
in Vpanel i assume is infinity free control panel? I tried that and it gives me this error

This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)

New error is

This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485) 86400 IN CNAME

Yes. that is a sub-domain.

If you want to create the subdomain “”, first you have to add the domain “” to your hosting account.
Only after that you can create that subdomain.

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that subdomain has already been created in ionos (domain provider), so adding the main domain to infinityfree wont affect the destination of the main domain? “dharmanandan” is currently being used, and would like it to still be used there.
Can i link “auralmural.dharmanandan” to my site without affecting "dharmanandan?

Is adding “dharmanandan” just necessary to get it done, but it wont affect it?

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EDIT 2: Apparently ive been flagged as spam while just trying to get some genuine help? Wtf?!


Yes, it will affect. Don’t do that.

No. It’s not possible to create a subdomain in InfinityFree if the domain is not also pointing to InfinityFree.

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Yup, if you are using your “dharmanandan” domain and hosting it somewhere else, you can only host the subdomain on that hoster. If the domain is in a domain management system then you should… first though you will need to point the “dharmanandan” name servers to infinity free… You said that there was content on the “” domain you’d like to keep? I only see that you parked it…

Oh nevermind, apparently i was wrong and the person using the domain (its a family domain) has nothing on the domain anymore.
How would i achieve the goal of getting auralmural.dharmanandan pointing to my site then?
If someone could guide me with a few steps that would be ideal thanks!

Are you fine with the “” site being hosted by infinity free?

Ill help you

To host your domain, you need to go to your domain management place and change the name servers of to infinity free name servers, then like @alexvf said, add a subdomain!

  1. Set your name servers to
  1. Add your domain to your VPanel as an addon domain
  2. Create the subdomain

I tried adding but im gettting the same subdomain error?

This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485) 86400 IN CNAME


Try to refresh the VPanel and try again. I can’t find a reason for it not to be working.

The program must think that the co is the actual domain…

thats odd… tried 3 times and it didnt work then magically on the 4th time it worked.

Thanks everyone! i got it working… just waiting for it to actually show. (up to 72hrs?)

EDIT: Also i found another issue… I had some subdomains of dharmanandan registered on IONOS, and now they are not working… How would i fix this?

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Yup! Good to see it worked!

I did not realise that linking the main domain to infinityfree would make the other subdomains stop working tho.

The main domain is which hosts all other subdomains, so that is why.

Your best option is to create them here, in your InfinityFree account, and move their contents here.

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