How to link it to my subdomain on Wix?

Hi All,

Could any one help me for the below situation?

I purchased domain on GoDaddy and linked it to Wix. I used Wix to create a subdomain.
However, I want to link my work here from Infinity free to Subdomain on Wix.

I have no idea how to find the Cname on Infinityfree and proper set up.

Could anyone can teach me step by step.
Really appreciated that.

Can you please explain a bit more about what you mean by “link my work”? InfinityFree and Wix are both website hosting providers. Normally, you just pick one hosting provider to host your website, and that’s it. If you want to use two hosting providers, that may be possible, but then please clarify how exactly you expect both hosting services to work together.


I mean I have build my “sub-website” on infinityfree. and I want to connect it to my subdomain on Wix to make the proper website address show as “”.

I have created a subdomain on Wix. But now looking on a solution to connect it

So, as I understand it, you have a domain like on Wix, and want to host a subdomain like with us? Is that correct?

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OK, that’s possible. The recommended way to do so works like this:

  1. Change your domain’s nameservers to and
  2. Create a new hosting account with the base domain (e.g., or add this domain to an existing hosting account.
  3. In the Subdomains section of your hosting account, create the subdomain you want (e.g.
  4. Change your domain’s nameservers back to your current/preferred DNS provider (I assume that’s Go Daddy).
  5. Add a DNS record to your domain’s nameservers. The Source should be “blog”, the type should be A and the target address should be the “Website IP” of the hosting account that hosts your domain (you can find it in the client area).

This will involve some downtime for your website during the time your domain is pointing to our nameservers.


Where can I find all this?
“Add a DNS record to your domain’s nameservers. The Source should be “blog”, the type should be A”

As I only able to manage my DNS on wix. Because my domain are hosting on wix.
Wix’s support as me to find the inifinity’s Cname, to be added in the wix’s CNAME (Aliases) section.

Any idea of finding this?

From your domain registrar.

It does not matter

Have you added base domain and subdomain to a hosting account?
Without that you will not have CNAME


Am I correctly filled in the details? For the Name, should I add packages only or the whole subdomain (eg.

Can you help me to take a look? I’m not sure if I do it in the correct way. :pray:Thanks so much

Looking good

Sometimes after adding the A record, the entry will simply be truncated to just “packages” instead of the whole subdomain

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where can I find my Cname for subdomain?
I only found this, but without subdomain Cname.

From the Vpanel.

Once you have added A record for the subdomain, there is no need to add the CNAME for the subdomain.

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Oh yahh FYI, I have changed my domain’s nameservers back to Wix for hosting my domain.

This I have to do it in Wix isn’t it? Because just now I was doing on GoDaddy.

Once I changed the nameservers back to Wix, I only able to manage the DNS on Wix.


I believe GoDaddy will not allow A and CNAME record at the same time

Wix also not allow A and CNAME record at the same time.
So… What I should do? A or CNAME?

Choose one. I believe A record will be easier for you

Alrigh. I have done it.

All look good? I’m using the website IP for the A record Value

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Looking good


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