How to link images within a mail

Hello everybody.

First of all, I’m a beginner in working with html and network related stuff (in reality I’m a musician learning to provide online tools for his band, trying to do stuff :smiley:)

This being said, I’ve created an html page to use as an email content but images are not linked within the email. here’s the page :

I copy the code in a gmail html editor, update the image links in the code, links seems to work, but when I send mails, no images on the mails. We tried on a friend’s ftp and it worked perfectly, but I can’t figure how to make it work here…

Do you got a clue ?

Thanks a lot

I could not understand your issue. Please describe your issue only.

Ok Thanks for replying and sorry to be not clear. I want to do a HTML newsletter for my band. so I designed the page Then I copied the code in an email to send the page as an email. I changed the images url on the HTML code to be sure to link the right location on the server. but when I send Emails none of the images appears on the mail. all links are missing. Is it clearer ?

I think the issue you’re seeing is caused by the hotlinking protections on our serves. That means you cannot use images uploaded to your InfinityFree account and embed them in other websites or anywhere else.

Please keep in mind that we provide website hosting, not image hosting or email hosting.

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