How to investigate SMTP ploblem

I’m operating WordPress on infinity Free.

I’m trying to sent e-mail from WordPress with a plugin that is ’ WP Mail SMTP’ via a SMTP server that is ‘’.

After setting SMTP’s host port user password,I tested it.

However, the following error was responded.

'Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)`

It is internally PHP’s module showed. It seems connection request didn’t reach at targeted SMTP serve.

I checked SMTP server and there wasn’t any request arrived in same time.

And also I’ve operated same WordPress installed on another host with same settings that can sent e-mail without any problem.

Do I need special setting to infinity Free serve to enabling to transfer SMTP?

Free hosting does not support smtp email.
Refer to below for more info

Alternatively, you can upgrade to premium hosting

I changed to use gmail
It successful can send e-mail
Thank anyway.


  1. is not the host.
  2. Please check this: Configuration (

Exactly is not SMTP server itself.
It’s service name and there is SMTP host information form including SMTP host ,port ,username and password.

You should be able to send mail with Mailjet SMTP. However, not all ports supported by Mailjet are allowed on our end.

The ports that you can use on our end are:

  • 465 (with SSL)
  • 587 (with TLS)
  • 80

The other ports supported by Mailjet, like 25, 588 and 2525, are blocked in our firewall, which is why you would see connection issues.

If you’re not sure which port to choose, I would recommend port 587 with TLS/STARTTLS encryption.


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