How to Integrate Contentful CMS?

I’ve searched this Infinity Free forum and couldn’t find a clear answer. Does anyone successfully use Contentful to manage content for better digital experiences?

If so, what’s the best way to structure a blog with Contentful CMS without hurting SEO?

Would I have to use a headless CMS and bring in data (the blog text and images) dynamically through an API or could I, in theory, just manually make each blog page a new static page in the Contentful?

I removed the advertising from your post. A guide on how to setup a website on an unrelated PaaS provider isn’t really helpful.

I checked the official website and I’m struggling to understand what Contentful actually is. “It’s not a traditional CMS, it’s for building digital experiences” reads like marketing nonsense, not an actual description of what the thing does.

If I understand it correctly, it’s a content hosting platform with an API? So you can use that API to show content on your website?

If so, setting up the website here would be largely the same as you would setup the website anywhere else. You write the PHP client code and upload it to our hosting. Just do note that we don’t support command line access, so you’ll need to install the Composer dependencies on your own computer and upload them from there.

As for how to do specific things in Contentful, I don’t have the slightest clue.


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