How to install smf forum

Hello i tried to install smf forum by uploading smf 2.0.11 zip to online file manager>htdoc. After uploading zip to htdoc folder when I click to install.php it downloads it instead of open and install smf forum. So is there is anything i’m doing wrong? Where should I upload the smf zip since I do not see public.html folder.

Edit: PROBLEM SOLVED. Please delete or lock this topic.

It seems like you have already solved the problem, but I’ll just post some information regarding this in case if someone else stumbles upon this post when searching for help online.

First of you need to access the installation file or any other webpage by your website’s domain. Clicking on that file in the file manager will not open it’s URL, but will download the file. So you would need to access it throught

Also, it is recommended for every user to install their desired web softwares throught Softaculous script installer as it is easier and usually doesn’t cause any problems or errors. However manual install is recommended only when the script that you want to install is not available on Softaculous.

And in InfinityFree there is not public_html folder but there’s htdocs folder under your root for your main domain (which is your or domain that you choosed when signing up) and you can find public domain folders (htdocs) for subdomains and other add-on domains under your subdomain’s/addon’s folder, which would be if your domain’s name was

Hope this sorted some issues out.