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Hello I would like some guidance on how to get lavarel livewire working on my website. I already installed lavarel from the package store. Now I would like to start learning and using livewire along with lavarel. All the installation guides I’ve seen about live wire use the comman line to install. How could I achieve this in Infinity free?


Command line access is not a feature on free hosting, but you can use it on premium hosting.

If you want to create laravel projects, you will have to create them on your own computer (Perhaps using XAMPP), then upload the compiled HTML/PHP/CSS files here.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you for your quick response. I understand, I guess that’s what I’ll do then. Thanks again :v:t2:

I forgot, does that mean I can remove the lavarel installation from infinity free? Or do I still need it when uploading the compiled files?

Since I have never worked with Laravel and don’t know how it works, I cannot answer that one, sorry.

Here, this may be helpful:


I see. I will give it a try anyways, If I find to be troublesome I’ll choose another framework then.

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Looking at the installation docs, Laravel Livewire is just installed with Composer. Which means the same instructions apply for any software using Composer:

You can install the Composer dependencies on your own computer, and then upload the generated vendor folder to your website over FTP.


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