How to install GD Image Library for my wordpress website?


(images are not displaying on pages)

(to install PHP extension for my website I installed ImageMagick Engine Plugin instead of standard GD image library, so now the images are not processing also the sites are somewhat distorted than the previous one
(also i’m having a problem with the loading speed of the sites

The GD extension is installed on all servers by default.

Looking at the description of that extension:

Dramatically improve the quality of re-sized images by making WordPress use ImageMagick instead of standard GD image library.

But our hosting doesn’t have ImageMagick/Imagick. Most sites will work fine with GD. And if your site has functionality that really can’t be done with GD, you can’t do that on our hosting. Imagick is a PHP system extension, and you can’t replicate it with a plugin.

So please remove that plugin. At best it does nothing and at worst it breaks your site.

Also, the reason the image on your home page for example doesn’t load because it’s referencing a URL on, but this URL 1) doesn’t exist, 2) doesn’t have SSL, 3) won’t work at all because our hosting blocks hotlinking and 4) doesn’t give you any speed benefits because it’s all hosted on the same server anyways.

My recommendation to you is to remove all the image optimization customizations you’ve made to your site. Fancy plugins and CDNs can be very good for big sites or specific use cases, but they add moving parts which needs to be setup and maintained correctly, and cause more problems if you don’t do that. And if your site is slow, I’m pretty sure it’s not because of the images, and it’s not something just loading more and more extensions into your site will fix.


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