How to install CraftCMS on InfinityFree Hosting?

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Is it possible to host a CraftCMS website on InfinityFree? If yes, any recommendation and specific operations to follow to deploy CraftCMS here?


I am not sure, as their website is returning an internal error so I cannot look up the system requirements. However, if a company cannot even maintain their own website, I am not sure if you want to host their software…


Unfortunately according to their website, CraftCMS currently requires PHP version 8.0.2 or higher, and InfinityFree does not yet support PHP 8, though it is on the roadmap. If you need it immediately, you may want to check out premium hosting. The site also says that it requires Composer for installation.


Which you can simply run composer install locally then upload the website content to infinityfree.


You can also get around this by installing an older version.


It should be possible, provided you can get by with an older version of the software (Craft 3.x should work here, Craft 4.x not yet).

Please do note that Craft is not designed to work well on shared hosting. Craft also recommends in their documentation to use a VPS instead. But if you’re looking to start for free, you can host it here if you can deal with the limitation of shared hosting.


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