How to install chamilo / moodle in free hosting

Hey guys when i tried installingmoddle/ chamilo it shows 404 error once instalation is complete no file are actually there so so one can just say how to install

Just install it through Softaculous? That’s the easiest way to install most things.

If that doesn’t help you (which it probably won’t), then please provide A LOT more information. Like your website URL, how you’ve tried to install the software and what you see where that shows the error.


see when i ry install moddle it says some componet missing if installed chamilo then the case it it shows a page with so many hyper links to ifasnet site

so should i install manually using ftp ???

You could try that also.

If you want help, please be specific and provide details. Vague descriptions of pages an error messages don’t give us a lot

What’s the exact error message? Which component do they say is missing?

What does this page look like exactly? Can you share a screenshot?

Also, how old is the account? If the account or domain is less than 72 hours, you may still experience issues accessing it due to DNS caching. We can’t fix that for you, but there are workarounds:

Normally I would have checked the age of your account first. But since you still haven’t provided the tiniest shred of information to help identify the account, I have no way to do so.


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