How to improve the performance

How to improve the performance well and ask for direct advice on configuration steps. Because I am a person without professional knowledge. Thank you. Https://

You must know that no one here has time to explain step by step to you because the matter is complex and depends from web page to page as well as the platform it is on.

I can only give you a few links and on some of those pages you can click for additional info


Here one of the links I gave you reported this
and that’s because CF serves various forms of TLS
and some are no longer safe and do not meet certain criteria (e.g. TLS.1.0)

You want everything green ? A++

you can configure most of these security things on Cloudflare


next (security headers)
you configure this according to your wishes
I just gave an example of where it is in CF

pay attention to X-xss
because you may find online suggestions on how to be 1, block and similar but
according to new research, it is better to put 0 (off) than to have it active.


The rule of “transform rules” I don’t quite understand, can you give me more info or how to install with a tutorial or - a link with more clear directions on this. The rest of the steps above I have completed and got 3 A++ when rechecked. Thank you

remember what I said about X-XSS

Don’t just blindly copy/paste !!
you have to understand every rule because otherwise you can block your website if you do something wrong.

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Permissions-Policy We detected an invalid directive, " accelerometar". As for this one, I’ve already set it up, like, learn and try it many times

When I turn on Transform Rules, I get this error, when I turn it off, I don’t get this error. I have no knowledge on this matter and only follow Oxy’s instructions, but because I don’t understand Oxy’s instructions well, there are mistakes I hope seniors will guide me more carefully. Preferably require a complete installation. Due to an error in uploading pictures, I left the web address and image link


complete installation ? :roll_eyes:
I told you something at the beginning…
and now you expect someone to sit down and study your website in the smallest details
and that it uses telepathy so that it reads your thoughts and desires and then suggests all the parameters that work flawlessly just for your website and all of that is served to you on a plate?

in my last post, the last link,it has additional explanations, so click on one of these
Screenshot 2023-04-01 115151

If you don’t know what you are doing and whether you need something or not, then sit down and learn first.

I specifically told you not to blindly copy/paste
and I see that you also added this (although you don’t know what you do)

best to turn off transform rules until you get to know your website and decide what you really want and how.


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