How to ignore site health warnings on WordPress

Always offended about Site Health warnings on WordPress? Not anymore! Because we have the solution! Okay, let’s start :slight_smile:

  1. Install & Activate “Site Health Tool Manager” plugin
    Screenshot from 2020-06-30 07-40-28
  2. Go to Settings>Site Health
  3. Uncheck the tests you want.
    In this case. I currently have these warnings:
    a. Your site is using older version of PHP
    b. imagick module is missing
    c. Your site does not use HTTPS
    So I’m gonna uncheck “PHP Version”, “PHP Extensions”, and “HTTPS Status”
  4. After unchecking them, click Save Settings.

Tada. your site health page is a check mark! :smiley:

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For me, it’s nice but Site Health Checker is quite essential (sometimes) for Wordpress.

I dont want to oppose your idea. Overall, the idea is nice.


Thanks :sweat_smile:


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