How to host subdomain in infinityfree

Hello sir,
I have a problem can please help me.
I want to host my subdomain in infinityfree

Thanking You!

Hello there,

You cannot host your own subdomain here on InfinityFree unless you meant that you want to use subdomains provided by InfinityFree.

To do that, follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to the Client Area and Login.
  2. Create a Hosting Account.
  3. Select the “Subdomain” option and then enter what subdomain you would like (e.g,
  4. Click “Search Domain” and if it’s available, then proceed by configuring your account details.
  5. Complete the Captcha challenge and then press the “Create Account” button and you’re done.

I Want host my own domain and how can I add name server in subdomain

You cannot, what subdomain are you trying to add exactly?

Only Top Level Domain names/Primary Domains (.com .net .org .ml .tk etc…) can be added and can have its own nameservers.

my domain is

Well you can always host your main domain here and create a subdomain soon after.

That’s not a subdomain but a primary/root domain.

You can add it here, just follow the following instructions in this KB article:

This my domain I want to host please help

Well you may add to Infinityfree and then create as many subdomain as you want.

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No I am already host this domain in blogger

Add your domain first to a Hosting account by following the instructions in that KB article I have provided you.

Once you’re done, go to the Control Panel and in the “Domains” section go to Subdomains where you can add a subdomain that you want to your domain.

Then you cannot host that subdomain here as you’ll need to host your primary domain here.

I am already host this domain in blogger and I am created subdomain I want to host in infinity

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Then change your domain nameservers to InfinityFree.
You cannot simply host a subdomain to another hosting if even your main domain is not hosted to that hosting.

You can try add CNAME record by pointing domain you’ve created in Infinityfree to your subdomain. Give it a try

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How can I do and I am syed12

I am already add name server in my domain but this is not working and I am syed12

How can I add name server in subdomain

Since you host the primary domain in different hosting provider, you need to add the CNAME record in that hosting. Not in Infinityfree

So which cname record I want to add my domain