How to host myself the webserver?

Last year I used Infinity as a website host, but this year, I have a project for school where I need to host myself the website. I created the server, but I needed more than an ip address for the website, so I thought of having:
with infinity free.

Now, I can’t find any way to transfer the dns redirect from one of infinity free’s server to my own.

Thanks for you help :wink:

P.S.: I am using the free version

Hi and welcome to the forum! You can only use our subdomains on free hosting, exceptionally on Premium Hosting if you ask their support team on a ticket to migrate your free hosting account, then nowhere else. If you want a domain you can use on a DNS provider like Cloudflare, you can get one from; here’s a guide:

Afterwards you can port map your PC to the outside Internet through your modem’s settings and install everything you need for the web server on your PC. If you still need a domain quickly and DNS management without external nameservers, you can try using the alternative on the post I did some months ago:


I would also like to add that if you’re just hosting a website on your own computer for personal reasons (such as your school project) a free subdomain from No-IP can do the job adequately. You wouldn’t be able to use it with any DNS services like Cloudflare, but it works well if you just need a domain to point to an IP address for a personal website.


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