How to have a Free SSL system like InfinityFree

Hey There,

I am trying to set up a domain and SSL giver system using WHM, I have sorted the domain selling, but how does InfinityFree give out free SSL? All the sites I have looked at charge like £90 to resell there the products.

I asked IFastNet on there support and I got told That is a proprietary tool created by infinity free you will have to ask them how they set it up.

Could anyone (or even Admin) tell me a way to do this?

The SSL is managed by Let’s Encrypt, which gives out free SSL certs. There are many APIs and other tools that can help issue the certificate through Let’s Encrypt.


Ah yeah, I have seen it on there site but I was wondering if there is any open source code somewhere :slight_smile:

Most likely it asks Let’s Encrypt through an API to request a certificate and Let’s Encrypt gives it to them along with the necessities to set it up.

Making your own free SSL system would require most major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Explorer, Opera, Opera mini, e.t.c) to trust your certificate service (a self-signed certificate usually doesn’t have the best security according to browsers).

It’s better to just use an existing Certificate Authority (like Let’s Encrypt) and build an API that would get SSLs from them.


Yes, but by default it requires text validation which is not possible. so my choice would be using GogetSsl or api


There is a free Let’s Encrypt plugin for cPanel, and cPanel has their own AutoSSL system which also provides free SSL. Both are fine options which are easy and free.

There is no need to pay for SSL or for getting SSL anymore.


Could you possibly send me the link to the plugin? I am wanting to add it to my reseller :slight_smile:


Ah thanks @FlutterHoney

Ah, that is for the cP, imma looking for vP with WHMCS combo…


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