How to grant all access for MySQL

I am trying to install a video software to one of my sites, and when it tries to connect to the MySQL database it says it was not able to access it due to the permissions, and that I need to grant all privileges. How would I do this?

You can’t grant all permissions on shared hosting. You would do that on a VPS, but not here.

Every hosting account gets one database user which has full access to all databases and tables of the account, and can do all the actions on those databases to the degree we allow.

If your software is complaining about lacking permissions, I suspect it’s probably trying to (either):

  • Checks to see if the database exists or it try to create the database itself (you can’t do that on any web hosting service, you can only do that through the hosting control panel on web hosting).
  • Use advanced features not available on free hosting, like MySQL views, functions, procedures, triggers and temporary tables.

And saying “just grant all privileges” is a bad recommendation, it’s best practice to only give your software the minimum privileges it needs. Shame on the developers if that’s what they demand you should do (especially if they do so instead of telling you what you actually need).

However, I’m not sure what kind of “video software” you’re trying to install, but know that video uploading/hosting/sharing software is not allowed on our hosting.

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