How to get unlimited Disk Quota

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I wonna to get unlimited Disk Quota like old times

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I want to get unlimited Disk Quota like you can disable subdomain, addon domains and more for my account but just give unlimited Disk quota (epiz_31073879)
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No such thing anywhere… maybe upgrade to premium for a start, though.


Hello there! actually runs on the same backend that InfinityFree does. Both websites actually are capped at 5GB, however is falsely advertising unlimited data. Also, if unlimited data was given to you, someone would have to pay for it, as computers and storage is not free. And since you are not paying, who is? InfinityFree is free, and does not make enough money to give you unlimited data, that is why premium hosting exists.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


how much does it cost to run a webhost with an infinite number of hdd’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably a billion times your average wage.

look this img:
350.000 people chose this hosting for its websites no everyone using Ifastnet,Hostinger,Siteground and more hostings
But where unlimited disk?
Completly free no We have premium hosting Ifastnet
Host any domain no not allowed.

Can you see??

True. You can still host .ga, .gq , .ml etc domain from Freenom


You seem to be viewing an older version of the homepage. The latest one shows 400 thousand people using this service.

In the past it said Unlimited Storage. But there was a hidden limit of 5 GB, I just didn’t know about it before. And I don’t want to mislead people, so I changed it so the actual limit set on accounts is 5 GB.

And that’s not even considering the gray area where we say unlimited storage, but have a 30,000 inode limit and a 10 MB file size limit, which already puts a theoretical limit of 300 GB on your account.

So we never actually provided unlimited storage, and doesn’t provide unlimited storage either. The only difference is that we’re being honest about it.

And if you think “but this other website said you provided unlimited storage so you need to give that”, please note that the only reliable source is the product information on our own website. We take no responsibility for third party sites being accurate or up to date.


ALL MOFH powered web hosts only offer 5GB web hosting for free.

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