How to get the following $row to work in phpmailer

I am just wondering whether is it possible to get the following to work in phpmailer using $row variables? I think it could be a problem with my concatenation: I always get an error message

$mail->Body = "Dear $_SESSION[‘u_email’],
</br />

You have received this e-mail because your Primer Level Account has been deleted!

Your antispam has not been approved and you must register again. Thank you for your patience!



hmmm. Maybe you need this?

$mail->Body = "Dear ".$_SESSION[‘u_email’]".,

you can var dump $_SESSION[‘u_email’] to see if that exists or not

and would this work for two variables?

$mail->Body = "Dear “.$_SESSION[‘u_first’]. $_SESSION[‘u_last’].”,
</br />

np!.. you’ve to use this!

$mail->Body = "Dear “.$_SESSION[‘u_first’]." ". $_SESSION[‘u_last’].”", </br />

edit: It’ll say Fname Lname instead of FnameLname :grinning:

thanks… will try it out… I am still trying to get my donation curl to work… this is strange… most people told me that the donation button is different from a subscription button

interested to know your site url! :grinning:

if it’s not offtopic

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