How to get SSL(https://)?

There are three methods.

  1. Use Cloudflare free SSL (Use Flexible SSL only.)
  2. Get free SSL in the client area
  3. Buy SSL from or any other service

I’m gonna tell you only about two because I didn’t use GoDaddy.

1 Method (You need your own domain ofc)

  1. Register at Cloudflare, if you didn’t do this before
  2. Click the button “Add Site”
  3. Verify your domain.
  4. Change SSL to Flexible.
  5. Add InfinityFree nameservers (I think you know why.)
  6. Enjoy!

2 Method (You can use InfinityFree subdomains, but I will write only for custom domains)

  1. Get to your client area, if you didn’t do that before
  2. Get to the tab “Free SSL Certificates”
  3. Click “Add SSL Domain”
  4. Choose Custom Domain (If you have that.)
  5. Set up DNS that you’re given.
  6. Press Request SSL
  7. Do everything that it says.
  8. Wait until it’s done
  9. Done!

Another way will be to use InfinityFree SSL tool to install SSL cert. Then add the custom domain to CloudFlare. Last step will be to change SSL mode to full or full(strict) within CF. No .htaccess modification will be needed. Take note full(strict) mode cannot be used on self-signed cert

For those who find renewing SSL cert every 3 mths a hassle, get a self-signed cert from

This method will only work with custom domain.



I have an easier way. And please don’t use and self signed certificate cause any browser don’t trusts an self signed certificate. You can read this -


Watch this tutorial and you will have a perfect certificate.

TurboX World Technology

Is meant for CF users…

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Yes, I answered a post about SSL, here: SSL free - #42 by Casmat

No, It is not. All domains of all TLDs will work. See my own domain I am using an .xyz domain and same ssl

1st Method, How to add InfinityFree nameservers? where to add ?

Through the domain provider you are using.

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