How to get Ssl certificate?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I want to get the SSL certificate

I’m using this software: Wordpress

Additional information: Sir I have registered for free hosting Service and my custom domain, now I want to get free SSL service please help me.

htere is a ssl certificate from client area home. you can use that or use cloudflare works too!


Sir i am doing the same but yet facing an error of “Unable to connect to domain name”

Are you using Cloudflare? @krishnapathak5337

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yes sir,

On your other topic you just created, you said you used InfinityFree SSL…

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actually sir i was using both

but now i have disabled the cloudfare

Wait for Cloudflare to fully deactivate and then see if it works, otherwise, you have misconfigured the SSL / SSL certificate you uploaded.

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what it means ?

That’s probably because you haven’t installed the domain in the panel. You need to go to the cPanel / Vistapanel and add the SSL certificate. Instructions are here:

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sir i have done from cpanel

Then wait for the changes to become active.


My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: there is showing an error of “Unable to connect to domain name

I’m using this software: wordpress

Additional information: I am trying to installing SSL certificate for a custom domain but I am facing an error of “Unable to connect to domain name

Are you using Cloudflare SSL or the InfinityFree SSL feature?

infintyfree ssl

If you have just installed it, make sure to wait until it becomes active and works. Make sure you did it like described in here:

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ok sir i will wait for while

→ Please take a look at your another topic. Avoid opening two for the same problem.

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