How to get my domain to resolve here

I have configured the registrar (Godady) to point my A record to here (

What do I need to configure here to resolve my domain overdrivemerch dot com to the hosted subdomain

I am a bit confused. The domain you shared is a free subdomain, so it is managed by InfinityFree, not GoDaddy. The subdomain you shared needs an SSL certificate is you want to force HTTPS:


@Greenreader9 The domain registrar is GoDaddy, and needs to remain so, I have all my DNS and email related to my domain via Office 365 there. The one thing I don’t want is to host my single page web site at GoDaddy. So I have pointed my A record over to infinityfree.

I have also done most of those steps, set up a CNAME and started the SSL. The A record is obviously working, as it comes here, but I get:

So what do I need to configure here to get this to work?

I see this as you mentioned. So the question is, what is the “harder way” to get this to work?

You can’t just do it like that

You think that if you are on overdrivemerch. com put A record from overdrivemerch.42web IP…
that will overdrivemerch. com to display content from overdrivemerch. 42web,
but won’t !

Because overdrivemerch. com is not added to the system here, nor does NS refer to this hosting
and that’s why you see suspended (there is no assigned IP for that domain).The IP (A -record) is only the starting point that then leads to this hosting, and the hosting then searches for that domain in its system to be able to display the content.

A record is not some link between those two domains so that they by some miracle show the same content because of that.

but that domain is not in the system and cannot display anything

You have to add the .com domain here to the system



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