How to get blog (like Wordpress or Serendipity) to install?

Every time I go to the Softaculous App installer in my Cpanel, I click either Wordpress or Serendipity, and then Install - after a few seconds it always says “oops” a disconnect has occurred then progress stops when it reaches 95% and does not change. I tried it several times and cannot get either blog app to load. Brand new here, wanting to install a blog, and cannot get it to take. Advice/suggestions/correction is requested and appreciated. Thank you.

If you just created your account then you will probably get into problems like this.Allow some time to go then retry.


Thank you, Frank419. I will try again tomorrow. My domain has connected so was trying to build. :slight_smile: Will try the install tomorrow. I appreciate this advice!

Frankly I don’t prefer Softaculous since from start it has ever been troubles for me. I suggest you to manually install WordPress.


Thank you.

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