How to get a newer version/more modern version of Vanilla Forums?

I just installed Vanilla forums, however, Softaculous has installed what looks like an older version of it, or at least one that doesn’t look modern.
Is there a way I can change it to look more modern.

It was installed a few minutes ago, I don’t need to keep any data.


Softaculous doesn’t have the latest version (2.5) yet, but you can install it manually from the official sources: Vanilla Forums

Unfortunately, most of the default themes are rather dates as well, and many of the themes offered in their own addon store don’t work with the latest versions of the software.

It says v2.5 fixed security bugs and should be upgraded to ASAP.
I see there is a “notify of new version” button on the Vanilla forum app page.

Perhaps if enough people notify them of a new version it will hurry things up?

By the way, you click the little speech bubble to do it.
Hopefully it does actually work.