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Yesterday I installed free SSL Certificate and you can see the current status in the picture below.

The problem is, even tho SSL is activated in my domain, but still if I search “” then I am getting the error message I mentioned before.

So I have checked the SSL status and found one error and I don’t know how to fix it because they are saying to contact the SSL provider to fix it.

I also added the following codes to the .htaccess file, but it didn’t work. Besides I have enabled the SSL status in the script I have installed on my hosting. But none of this is working.

Here is some more information:

  1. If I use VPN then there is no error. But without VPN if I try to visit the website then the error shows up.
  2. If I search for “” the the URL becomes “” automatically. But it is not working. But if I add www. ( then the URL working and I can see my website.

Now please help me fix this SSL problem, so that if someone searches for then they can visit my website.

No issue

Take note hosting url shortener may get your account suspended

Due to this

You can use CloudFlare as you have a custom domain


Yes, you are right. I am having this issue as you mentioned after installing SSL from Infinityfree,

The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers. You may need to install an Intermediate/chain certificate to link it to a trusted root certificate. Learn more about this error. The fastest way to fix this problem is to contact your SSL provider.

How can I fix it? or there is no fix?

Also are you sure buddy it is forbidden to make URL shorter website on the free host? If yes then I can’t invest any more time on this as it will go in vain.

Yes it is.


Ahh! That’s sad bro! :smiling_face_with_tear:

This answer from a while ago should still apply:

URL shorteners are very risky; if you can limit access to yourself and trusted people you could try to go ahead with one, however hosting a public URL shortener is definitely not a good idea, as someone will eventually abuse it, and you will be held responsible for it.

You may also wish to avoid using a free InfinityFree subdomain for it:

Please don’t post the same question in multiple places, especially when it has already been answered. Posting in a different topic won’t get you a different answer.


Thank you very much. Okay, I will limit the website only to me so that no one can use it for spam.
However, the SSL problem isn’t fixed yet. I guess I just have to remove the SSL certificate.

Your website seems to be redirecting to the www version of your site, which works just fine.
If you’re facing an SSL issue, it’s probably because of cache. Try clearing your browser’s/system’s caches (normal cache, DNS cache, SSL cache).

By the way, your website currently allows creating public URL redirects; I was able to create one for this forum on


Right now, your website’s main page has a box right at the top of the page that lets anyone insert their URLs. You really shouldn’t have that.


Yes Admin, I will remove it before I start using my website. First I am going to remove the SSL then I will fix the site.
My website won’t break any spaming rules and it’s for only personal use.

But your website is public, anyone can access it. So it does not matter if it’s for personal use, it’s public.

Just note that you are responsible for everything that gets inserted into that forum (or any form on your website for that matter). I would highly recommend taking the page offline or use the “Directory Privacy” feature in the control panel to protect yourself.


The website may be public but I have removed the URL shorter box also registration is closed so that no one can generate any short link except for me.
I will take any responsibility my website cause in future.


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