How to fix SSL handshake failed

hello i just installed flarum and i redirected to my ip on cloudflare but when i want to access to my website ( it make this error

thank you !

What SSL mode are you using on CloudFlare (flexible, full or strict)?
If it is full or strict, you will need self-signed or SSL cert installed in the VPanel.

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Did you install any self-signed or SSL cert in the Vpanel of the hosting account?
If not, you need to do this

cloudflare already give me a certificate and that what i’m using on my website and its working fine but when i use my subdomain forum. it make that error

This will work well for flexible mode only.
If you want full mode to work, you need minimally a self-signed cert installed for domain/subdomain on hosting account as well.

how do i get a self-signed certificate?

From client area


i dont know but it told me The selected custom domain is already in use and cannot be added to an account. but its not its

You are supposed to get your self-signed or SSL cert from the client area.
I am assuming your subdomain is already added to the hosting account…

i already have one

You still do not get it.
What about the subdomain?

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i dont have any ssl for it.
and yeah XD i still not get it

duh, create a new self-signed cert for the forum domain.

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If you do not have self-signed or SSL cert for subdomain, do you think it can work?

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oh ok i found the problem XD thank you


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