How to fix "Server DNS address could not be found" Error?

Hello all, I do not this is the right place to ask the query or not but I hope I will get a positive response here, I am facing an issue on my laptop is, it shows an error "Server DNS address could not be found " I do not know why this happens and it is shown on only some sites but my laptop working on google and youtube but while others (like Tumblr and Amazon) just can’t load at all. I’ve tried using command prompts to flush DNS and register DNS and reset ipv4 and ipv6 and I’ve tried manually changing my DNS server to Google’s but nothing seems to work, I am very frustrated, can anyone please help me how can i resolve this issue?
Thank You

Try other networks. (Eg. instead of using wifi, have you tried using mobile data?)


Could you share the domain so we can see if everything is set up correctly?


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