How to fix ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in infinity free .

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You need to install a SSL certificate on your hosting account if you have it already for your domain. The instructions to do that are here, and the part that interests you is “Installing an existing certificate” if you have already a SSL certificate. If you don’t have it generate it from the “SSL Certificates” section of the Control Panel or generate it with another service, and only after that install the SSL certificate on your hosting account.


It is working in the Main site not working in the forum like

There is a plugin that will get everything on your site driven to SSL after you’ve installed the certificate and it’s active on your domain, (this isn’t a recommendation or endorsement, just letting you know there is a plugin available for that) the plugin is Really Simple SSL.

I have heard a few that had problems with that plugin, errors, plugins failing install, and other miscellaneous problems.

I used it for a while when I had a WordPress site and didn’t have any problems, since then I’ve deleted that installation and now use MyBB.

ok just for site the site Link is here so please check whats wrong

I can’t/won’t access your dashboard and work on your site, I did click the link and went to

That page is not SSL, the first thing to do is follow @Ergastolator1 instructions in post #3 then see what you get.


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The main page shows SSL, Now everything needs to be forced to the https/SSL.

The forum is not SSL even though it has the HTTPS link on the homepage, clicking on it brings up the error page ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR


I did it but it shows the error i put the .htaccess in the htaccess in the websitge b ut it refuse to work please help me to know how to fix it thank you alot

You need to install a SSL certificate for your subdomain too, but the Control Panel doesn’t have a function to do that. So you should configure Cloudflare for your domain instead to fix the SSL error on your subdomain(s).


How ?? To configure sorry for the question just need to know the best way to do it

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