How to Fix Deceptive Site Ahead Warning Problem

Error Message

Deceptive site ahead
Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers or credit cards)

Other Information

In Goolgle Search console it’s not showing any
Deceptive pages it should show the site is affected by malware or anything. how should i fix it??


Your also violating the TOS.

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You can check whether your site is listed with Google Safe Browsing here:

You can also get some details if you add your site to the Search Console. You can also request a review there once you have fixed the issue.


I don’t have any idea about this maybe my site hijacked or something and looks like my website got suspended because of this i want my website back what should i do?

Technically you still have your website. I would just download the files (Make sure they are your files!), and delete your domain and account. Get a new domain (Since you have a freenom on anyway) and start over. Make sure the files you are uploading are legal, and don’t violate the TOS of IF.

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What If i upgrade to ifastenet??

That won’t change 3rd parties’ options of your domain. Your domain is blocked, so they only way to fix it is to remove the code Microsoft doesn’t like, and appeal to them. It is easier to get a new domain and only upload the legal (and safe) code.


My website is suspended how do i download files

Does it say you will be un-suspended in X hours?


You than should see a support ticket box somewhere then. You will have to submit a request to get your files. Your website was likely suspended for malicious content, so you may not be able to remove all your files.


We automatically fetch reports from Safe Browsing and take down sites which are listed there. You need to submit a ticket to get your account reactivated.

Do note that if your site is not removed from Safe Browsing, it will be suspended again.


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