How to find what Mysql version I have

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Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘Schedules’ does not have a method ‘viewaction.php’ in /home/vol8_3/epizy********/ on line 218

Other Information

This is just the error message, but I am getting support from somewere else, so I wonder How I can figure out what Mysql version I have?


You can view the MySQL version by opening phpMyAdmin for any database on your account, go to the SQL tab and run the query: show variables like 'version' .

We currently run MySQL 5.6.

That said, the error you shared seems to be a PHP code error, not a database error. So I’m a bit confused as to how you suppose the two are related.


Yes, I the error is with phpvms, they say free hosting’s limitations does for some reason make the function not work

Odd, the error message you shared doesn’t seem to be a hosting issue. I would say it’s a code issue, but I haven’t checked the code itself to see what’s actually happening there.


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