How to export site from InfinityFree hosting?

Hi everyone,

I spent three hours trying to export my site from InfinityFree hosting to another web hosting or to my localhost. Eventually, the solution was straightforward, so I wanted to share it with you. Hope this helps!

First of all, for this tutorial, you need to install FileZilla FTP. It’s a simple FTP application that is open-source, completely free, and easy to use.

After installing FileZilla, you’ll need to connect to your InfinityFree website. All the information you need for the connection is located in your FTP Details (Homepage > Accounts > Your Account > FTP Details). Copy the details from your FTP Details to your FileZilla quick connection toolbar located at the top of the program. Here is a link from InfinityFree Hosting on how to use Filezilla: link.

In my case, I utilized the WP Migration Tool, which includes backup options. On my WordPress site, navigate to the WP Migration Panel in the Dashboard panel, and simply click on Backups to create a new backup.

To find your newly created backup using FileZilla, go to /htdocs/wp-content/ai1wm-backups. There you will find your newly created backup.

After locating it, right-click on it and select ‘Download’. Your backup file will be saved in C/Users/yourName.

Then, on your website located on another hosting, you can upload this WordPress site using the WP Migration Tool with the Imports option.

It’s really simple work, but no one mentioned it before, so I hope this tutorial will help you.

I am open to your questions, and if you need any help, simply contact me.

Best regards!

That’s because

won’t and shouldn’t work well here.

And by the way, not every website is built with WP. The old-school way is indeed harder, but it simply works.


That is one way of doing it, but you can also export the files and database separately as well



We usually recommend to skip the backup/migration plugins, and just transplant the entire website installation. We’ve written some guides on how to do that:


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