How to enable Caching in my website

my website is a Link Shortener

i have some some problems in the website speed is so slow
i got that cuz i have a lot of files. but i need all this files
i heard if i enabled caching in my website.
but i dont know how to enable the caching in my website.


Use a plugin such as W3 Total Cache.

As far as I know, URL/Link shortener is not allowed here (ifastnet restricted that kind of service) :confused:

About the caching issue, if using Wordpress, install a caching plugin (W3 Total Cache, as what the above said)

If you’re not using Wordpress. Reduce the size of your images, minify your html, css, javascript files by using any Minifier Tool which you can easily find it on internet. Only use PNG and JPG extensions for images, and try not to load lots of images or files at the same time or page.

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