How to download backup file? (Wordpress)


My site using Wordpress and I installed plugin All in One WP Migration. After creating a file backup I download it. But every time I download the file, the process always disconnect at 10%. I don’t know another way to backup my website and move to another Domain. Please help me.


i think it’d be fine to take backup from small sized files first :smiley:

bc they’ll took few time and are fast

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How to do that bro? :no_mouth:

i mean. you can download them to your pc

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How to download 1 by 1 in wordpress?

i mean. don’t download one big file once! like download medium folders like wp-admin folder and etc

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I understand what you are talking about, but I dont know where to download it.

goto your file manager. R-click on the folder and then click on download :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: why it’s editing pic?

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Ah, ok thank you.

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Hmm cant’ download too T_T

If you can’t download folders, use a FTP client like FileZilla.

How to do that? ‘.’

This KB article has it all.

Right click and chose dowload here, right?

No! You would go to yourdomain, where your domain is the domain you’re hosting with us, then inside that, go to htdocs, and then click on “Desktop” on the left side, create a new folder there, and drag the folders / files you would download inside that folder!

Can you take picture Step by Step for me pls :sob:

Doing that right now (with my FTP service as a test):

Right click on the left side after selecting “Desktop” and create a new folder (I can’t take a screenshot for it). Give the folder a name you would like. Connect using the instructions you find on the KB article I posted. Click on the domain folder, like on this screenshot, considering that is my domain, but for you it may vary:

After that, click on “htdocs” (for me there isn’t any htdocs folder, so I can’t open it). Then, drag the folders / files you want to download from the right side to the folder you created on the left side:

and you’re done!

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Only 1 file? ‘.’ Is this the full website? Or only the data? So if I want to bring to new Domain what I do next with that file?

As an example, I copied only a folder, that contains some reCAPTCHA tests and then nothing. But you are free to select all with Ctrl+A and drag that all on the folder you’ve created on the left side!

Drag all of it? ‘.’